Broadband provider expanding fiber internet in Charlotte suburb Matthews internet from Google Fiber – now available in Charlotte, Triangle – may require tech upgrades

MATTHEWS – Kinetic by Windstream will add fiber internet service to as many as 18,000 locations in the Charlotte suburb of Matthews, expanding from the currently available 6,500 locations.

“Our residents want more access to high-speed fiber Internet, so we are excited to welcome Kinetic’s expansion in Matthews,” said Matthews Mayor John Higdon in a statement.  “Reliable internet access is essential, and I’m glad more of Matthews’ businesses and residents will soon be able to rely on Kinetic’s high-speed connections.”

Kinetic, which also recently announced an expansion of service in another Charlotte suburb, Concord, will hire locally in order to complete the installation for the expansion.  Work is anticipated to begin in the next few months, the company said in a statement.

“Kinetic is a proud partner to the city and residents of Matthews and we are dedicated to delivering fast broadband speed, at competitive rates with unmatched service,” said Jeff Small, president of Kinetic. “As this fiber is delivered, Matthews more than ever will be able count on Kinetic for fast and reliable connections.”

Broadband provider expanding in NC, to nearly double fiber access in Concord

Like Concord, the company named Matthews as a premium market in North Carolina.  The two markets are a part of a multi-year initiative, with a total estimated investment of $2 billion across 18 states, to expand access to gigabit internet service.

In total, the company plans to hire 1,000 people to execute on its plan.

A spokesperson for the company told WRAL TechWire last month that the organization has hired 52 new employees in 2021, and currently employs about 20 people in Concord, adding that the company employs 1,082 people in North Carolina.  The company is actively recruiting and hiring for positions in the state, the spokesperson added.

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