An entrepreneur helps to amplify Black voices

An entrepreneur helps to amplify Black voices

DURHAM, N.C.  — A North Carolina entrepreneur is making it easier to share stories of the Black community across the world. 


What You Need To Know

Cary Wheelous created The Hayti app 

The Hayti app is an app for news, videos and podcasts from Black publishers 

It features over 200 local Black publishers


The Hayti app features thousands of articles from Black newspapers, magazines and podcasts across the nation.

The founder, Cary Wheelous, moved to the Raleigh-Durham area about six years ago. He’s developed a passion for the Hayti district — a historic African-American community in Durham.

“The most prosperous Black community that existed in the U.S. after the civil war,” Wheelous said. “The particular Hayti district was about corporati-Haytionomics. It was about Black businesses working together.”

He says his app pays homage to the district and helps to amplify Black voices. 

“Oftentimes Black authors and publishers, their voices are underrepresented,” Wheelous said. “They don’t get to get the exposure they need, so Hayti, the app, is all about exposure for Black publishers.”

The Hayti app features over 200 local and popular Black publishers like Essence and Black Enterprise. 

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