Billionaires blasted off to space, and you could be next

What Could Be

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When Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos blasted off on their own private spacecrafts this summer, it became clear that space travel was no longer solely the domain of government agencies. The question now is: How long will it be for those who aren’t super-wealthy to one day hitch rides beyond the Earth’s atmosphere? Josh Robin interviews Dr. Wendy Whitman Cobb of the U.S. Air Force School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. They talk about the cost of space travel, why leaving Earth on a rocket doesn’t neglect problems on our planet — and the Jetsons. Plus, a debunked prediction about bacon of the future.

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People have long tried to figure out the future—but today, life seems more unpredictable than ever. What can we expect to come our way and will we be ready for it? Longtime journalist and Spectrum News Chief National Political Reporter Josh Robin has asked probing questions of presidents, business moguls, artists and sports figures. In this podcast, he helps us understand what could happen next, in all areas of our lives, from families to work; health to schools; politics to the arts; technology to civility. Join Josh every Thursday as he discusses the future with leaders in their fields, who hold a range of backgrounds and opinions, to help us all imagine “What Could Be.”

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