Biodynamic farm helps families in Boone

Biodynamic farm helps families in Boone

BOONE, N.C. — Holly Whitesides grew up in the mountains but it took a move across the country for her to discover her passion for farming.

“I was really inspired of small farms that were doing things differently,” Whitesides said.

She started Watauga County’s first biodynamic farm, Against the Grain, when she moved back home. 

What You Need To Know

  • Holly Whitesides and her husband started Against the Grain farm.
  • It is the first biodynamic farm in Watauga County.
  • They are now asking for donations so they can provide boxes of produce to families in the community who cannot afford to pay.

“You take all these parts and pieces in mind and think about how they all interact with each other,” Whitesides said.

She uses compost to enrich the soil made from items from around town.

“We could get ingredients from Lost Province brewing in the form of spent grain, pressings from Juice Boone, coffee grounds from Bald Guy Brew, we can get old hay from a local dairy and we can put all those ingredients together,” said Whitesides.

Whitesides and her husband decided they wanted to do more. Their little farm grew into a community supported agriculture program.

“People buy a share of the farm at the beginning of season, in exchange for that investment they receive a quantity of product,” Whitesides said.

For 20 weeks, they fill boxes to the brim that are then taken around the county for people to pick up.

Whitesides is asking for donations so they are able to give additional boxes of produce to families who cannot afford to pay. 

“Every little bit counts. Millions of drops of water make an ocean so thats how we see the little bit were trying to do. It all has an impact on real people’s lives, at people’s dinner tables, at the gathering place where family happens, and thats pretty special,” Whitesides said.


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