Food, supply shortage affects pets

Food, supply shortage affects pets

RALEIGH, N.C. — Shortages seem to be everywhere these days. Now, even our pets are affected. 

Paul Duke is the manager of Phydeaux, a pet supply store in the Triangle. He acknowledges the lack of of dog and cat foods across the country is not just in people’s heads – it’s a real problem.

What You Need To Know

  • Shortages are due to lack of imports of raw materials, truck driver shortages and shipping issues 
  • Some products for orders are coming in two months late from companies
  • Pet owners may not feel the shortage if they are loyal to a brand that hasn’t experienced any issues

“It’s frustration mostly,” Duke says. “People become dependent, familiar with brands they’ve been using for years and they don’t have to think about. “

While Duke says his store has weathered fairly well due to their large variety of offerings, they are not unscathed.

“If you look closely, we have holes all over,” Duke said. 

The reasons behind the shortage are multi-layered.

“There are problems in every layer of the process,” Duke says. ” From the importation of raw materials including metal for cages and plastics for toys, as well as shipping from the ports to the distributors, shipping from distributors to us, the cost of raw materials is up so the cost for food and everything else is also rising.”

Lack of truck drivers also means big delays on product arriving to their doorstep.

“Normally we put in an order and we get our order in in two weeks at the most, but now it is up to five weeks, six weeks normally,” Duke said. “The crate orders are almost 2 months behind at this point.”

Duke says he is thankful for the customers who continue to show up and vows to keep working hard to bring them the products they and their four-legged family members need.

“Nothing is permanent. This will all be better one day,” Duke said. 




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