Freddy’s workers walk off the job to strike

Freddy's workers posted this sign on the door on Friday as they walked off the job.

DURHAM, N.C. – Workers at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Durham walked off the job Friday and held a strike, demanding better working conditions.


What You Need To Know

Workers at Freddy’s in Durham joined a strike on Friday

They say they want higher wages and a better response when COVID-19 cases arise

This is the third time since September 2020 that employees at this Freddy’s have went on strike


Freddy’s employees walked out around noon, joining other protestors outside. They posted signs on the doors reading, “This store is closed. We are all on strike.”


This is the third time employees at this Freddy’s location have held a strike since September of last year. Workers say they want to see higher wages and a better response when COVID-19 cases are reported at the restaurant.

The official strike notification said, “On August 9, 2021 a COVID case came to light inside our store. We were directed to clean the store ourselves and reopen for business less than 3 hours later. This is not in keeping with the COVID policy that you agreed to in October, 2020, which required an immediate store closure and a full deep cleaning by professional cleaners. We should not be asked to clean our own store because it is not safe for us or our customers, as we lack the necessary expertise and PPE, nor is it effective. It was not until a manager also tested positive for COVID on August 11, 2021 that this outbreak was taken seriously by Freddy’s management and a professional cleaning was performed.”

One sign at Friday’s strike showed dates of previous strikes.

“We deserve better. Fast food workers and essential workers in general deserve 10 times better than what we’re getting and how we’re treated. We’re treated horrible by customers and we don’t want to be treated horrible by managers also,” said Jamila Allen, a supervisor at Freddy’s. “I want everyone to know fast food, retail, everybody that we are with you. We are standing with you and we will get what we deserve.”

This strike is a part of a global movement called “Fight for 15,” and it comes as many companies are facing a nationwide shortage of people willing to work in fast food and other low-wage jobs.

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