Make a COVID back to school plan


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — While schools are doing everything they can to stay clean and safe, there is still the possibility your child could get COVID-19.

But just like your family has a plan for what to do during a fire or an emergency, you can make a plan for what to do if you think your child could have the virus.

First things first:

  • If your child wakes up with the sniffles, a cough or any symptoms that could be COVID-19, keep them home
  • Then give your pediatrician a call and talk over the symptoms
  • They could suggest trying medication for allergies or other remedies for the common cold

If that doesn’t work:

  • You can give it some more time in quarantine or this could be the time for a COVID-19 test
  • Do some research now to find places close to you that you can walk in and get a rapid test
  • You can also buy an at-home test kit from a pharmacy
  • If you have any doubts, keep your child at home and talk to your doctor

If your child does have COVID-19 you’ll need to be prepared for virtual learning:

  • Go ahead and set up a designated classroom space for your child, or children if there are siblings who were also exposed
  • Get any login information you will need from your school and test them
  • Test your internet connection and gather up anything else you think you’ll need for virtual learning

North Carolina public schools COVID-19 protocols are based on the Strong Schools North Carolina Public Health Toolkit.

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