Mask mandates differ around the Triangle

Mask mandates differ around the Triangle

RALEIGH, N.C. — With COVID-19 numbers on the rise in Wake County, mask mandates across the Triangle are causing some confusion.

Business owners like Lem Butler are paying close attention to when and where masks are required. He’s constantly running back and forth between his Black and White Coffee Roasters shops in Rolesville, Wake Forest and Raleigh.


What You Need To Know

Business owners around the Triangle are dealing with different mask mandates in different shops

COVID-19 numbers are rising in Wake County

Some business owners are requiring masks in all shops, regardless of local mandates


“No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service. But we do have masks in our shops if someone doesn’t have a mask. We don’t want to turn anyone away,” Butler said. 

He’s asking all employees and customers to wear a mask in all three stores, regardless of individual city mask mandates.

“A lot of people who are against masks won’t come into the shop. Our staff is hospitable. We’ll meet them at the door, take their order and bring it to the door or their car. It’s not a big problem,” Butler said.

He says regardless of city ordinances, he’ll keep the policy until every city has lifted the mandate.

“We’re just going to follow government guidelines. The second they said ‘You need to put them back on,’ we did. When it’s safe to take them back off, we will. We want to be consistent with all cafés. So whenever Raleigh lets up, we’ll do the same with our other cafés,” Butler said.

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