Mom and daughter duo work to end gun violence

Mom and daughter duo work to end gun violence

APEX, N.C. — Two separate shootings at two different high schools in North Carolina this week have brought back old emotions for a family working to end gun violence.

“It’s just so devastating, honestly,” said Leah Krevat, a member of Students Demand Action. “We’ve grown so numb to these, but at the same time, we still have the same emotions: angry, sad and just the feeling of helplessness.”

Leah Krevat approached her mom, Madhavi Krevat, in 2018 after the Parkland school shooting saying she wanted to get involved with ending gun violence. 

“I started going to school and being afraid, and I was like ‘I shouldn’t feel this way,'” Leah Krevat said.

Now, she is a member of Students Demand Action, and Madhavi Krevat is in Moms Demand Action. The two participate in rallies, marches and show up at community and legislative meetings to influence gun safety.

Madhavi Krevat said her son was enrolled at UNC-Charlotte in 2019 when two students were killed in an on-campus shooting.

“The general emotion was panic, panic and fear,” Madhavi Krevat said. “It was just terrifying, and I never want to feel that again. And nothing happened to my son, so put yourself in a mom’s shoes who lost her son.”

Madhavi Krevat says Moms Demand Action is not against gun ownership. She said the group advocates for gun safety and gun sense through Be SMART.

Her daughter says if you are not involved in ending gun violence, now is the time.

“We can’t keep going through these days,” Leah Krevat said. “We have to end gun violence, and we have to make sure that students, parents and everyone is safe. Not just here in North Carolina, but in America.” 

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