Skating Group Encouraging Others to Skate

Skating Group Encouraging Others to Skate

RALEIGH, N.C. — A new group has formed at Skate Parks in Raleigh, with the goal of creating a safe space for skaters. It started as a group of women text messaging last year and turned into an Instagram account called “Skate Forward.”

What You Need To Know

  • Skate Forward encourages women, LGBTQ+ and non binary people to come skate
  • The group was formed after a sexual assault case in the Raleigh area
  • They currently skate in Raleigh and Durham, but hope to expand

After gaining traction, the group now has close to 500 followers that includes mostly women, LGBTQ+ and non binary skaters. 

“Already being a women in skating is hard in a male dominated field. Once you find people you can stick together with, you feel safer and more confident, and comfortable and thats our goal,” organizer Marie Webb said.

Another organizer, Eve Dickson, said they started Skate Forward after hearing about a sexual assault case in the skating community in Raleigh. Dickson said it shocked many of her friends who were skaters, and she wanted to create a safe space.

“It can be discouraging when you walk up to a park and it’s a bunch of dudes who are already friends. It’s nice to help other people who want to do this but are too scared to get into it on their own,” she said.

Dickson said they’ve gotten interest from people in Greensboro and Charlotte, and hope to expand their group in those areas one day. They’ve also had sponsored skating events in Raleigh with the hopes of getting more people involved.      

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