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Tim and Ben take you behind the scenes of our weekly podcast, “Tying It Together With Tim Boyum.”

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Since we released a special bonus episode last Friday, Tim and Ben are giving a little behind the scenes of our podcast, “Tying It Together With Tim Boyum,” this week.  

Listen in as Tim quizzes Ben on the origin of his incredible laugh our listeners have learned to love! They also talk about their upbringings and how North Carolina is dramatically changing. Later, Tim also lets us know the one crazy thing he did this summer.  

Don’t worry, we’ll be back next Wednesday with a brand new guest.

In the meantime, check out our bonus episode on the situation in Afghanistan: ‘My dad died to make the Afghan people better’: Taliban takeover hits home

It’s a conversation you will never forget!


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With the speed of the local news cycle, it’s easy to forget that the politicians who represent us and the influencers in our communities are more than just sound bites. North Carolina veteran reporter and anchor Tim Boyum is loosening his signature bow tie for candid conversations with power players across the state. In “Tying It Together,” Tim uncovers what makes these newsmakers tick, explores fascinating life stories and helps all of us get a better grasp on the issues affecting our community.

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