Three from NC among U.S. Attorney Biden nominees

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On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced nine nominees to serve as U.S. Attorneys, and three people from North Caroline were among those he named. 

Michael F. Easley, Jr., from the eastern district of N.C. and son of former state governor, Sandra J. Hairston, from the state’s middle district, and Dena J. King, from the western district, according to a statement from the White House. 

“These individuals were chosen for their devotion to enforcing the law, their professionalism, their experience and credentials in this field, their dedication to pursuing equal justice for all, and their commitment to the independence of the Department of Justice,” a news release stated. 

Biden is working to combat an increase in gun violence through efforts, and announcing these new U.S. Attorneys as top federal law enforcement helps aid in the fight against gun crime, officials said. 

Easley, Jr.,  a partner at the law firm McGuire Woods, is based in Raleigh and works as a litigation partner at McGuireWoods LLP.

Hairston, who has been the acting U.S. attorney in the Middle District of North Carolina since March. If confirmed by the Senate, Hairston would be the first Black woman to hold that position.

King, who has been in charge of prosecuting violent crime and narcotics cases in the Western District of North Carolina, is proposed to run the U.S. attorney’s office there and would be the first Black person to hold the position.  

Biden has also announced nominees for other states too, including Hawaii, Rhode Island, Colorado, Ohio, Vermont and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

The president has now nominated 25 people to serve as U.S. attorneys, positions that have been filled for months by acting U.S. attorneys.

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