East Coast Greenway connects Jacksonville to 449 other cities

East Coast Greenway connects Jacksonville to 449 other cities

The East Coast Greenway is a walking and biking trail that connects people from Florida to Maine.

In North Carolina, the route currently passes through areas, such as Raleigh, Fayetteville and Wilmington. The trail is being extended through Jacksonville, complimenting the city’s current trail system.


What You Need to Know 

Jacksonville’s trail system extends more than 19 miles within city limits 

Jack Kane started The Bicycle Shop as a way for Marines to stay fit 

The extension should bring more visitors to the area


Jack Kane has been cycling in the Jacksonville community for 49 years. He’s also the owner of The Bicycle Shop, making and selling bikes, as well as teaching customers about cycling. Since opening the shop, he’s seen cycling evolve and grow within the area.

“So over the years Jacksonville has been really progressive in looking for a way to make cycling great in this area,” Kane said.

Kane’s passion for the sport started when he was a kid, so to see the community he loves show interest in it means a lot to him.

“I always had a love for cycling, and I found out that the bicycle is the most efficient means of transportation known to mankind,” said Kane.

Connecting the city will bring new people to the area, so they can cycle out of harms way.

“It’s going to make a very safe environment for people to ride, and that’s what’s really changed in the area,” said Kane.

He believes the addition of the path will open peoples eyes to how great cycling can be while out on the coast.

“It’s kind of flat, which makes cycling a little easier than our friends in the mountains or even the rolling hills of Raleigh, and we have the beaches, it’s just such a beautiful area,” Kane said.

He’s looking forward to seeing the East Coast Greenway bring new faces into his shop, but also riding out on the trails and exploring the area. 

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