Mount Tabor football returns a week after deadly school shooting

Mount Tabor football returns a week after deadly school shooting

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Mount Tabor High School was supposed to play Page High School last Thursday, but their game was delayed a week to give the team time to recover and grieve from losing a member of their Spartan family.


What You Need To Know

Mount Tabor’s football game was rescheduled to Thursday night because of the school shooting a week before

There was a moment of silence to honor William Miller

Cheerleaders wore bows in Miller’s honor


William Miller was shot and killed at the school last Wednesday, and team members say they’re going to play for Miller and the entire Spartan community.

Lance Patterson, the Mount Tabor football team captain, says it’s been an emotional time, but he says it’s also helped bring the team closer together.

“The shooting brought us closer together because we’ve got each other’s back,” Patterson said. “We check up on each other and make sure everybody is okay. I feel like this just brought us together, and we’re showing a lot of love to each other.” 

Head Football Coach Tiesuan Brown says it’s important for his team to be leaders at the school so they can model good behavior and really embody what it means to be “Spartan strong”.

“It’s important that the way we respond to show the kids in the school that we have your backs, y’all got our backs and we’re one big family,” Brown emphasized.

Brown says Patterson has really stepped up as a leader this past week, and he’s so proud of him along with the other teammates following along.

“A lot of seniors have been connecting. We have been talking to the young kids to make sure they’re okay, and me personally, I’ve been talking to the teachers to make [sure] they’re okay too because it’s tough for them to come back to school also,” Patterson said.

They’re going to fight together as one family Thursday night.

“It’s a brother to us. We lost him. He’s part of our family. It’s part of Spartan strong. It just means a lot to lose a family member, so we will play for him,” Patterson emphasized.

For Will, their school, and the entire spartan community.

There was also a moment of silence at the game to honor Miller.

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