Global technology services company NTT to lay off 151 Charlotte workers from Ballantyne office

CHARLOTTE – NTT Ltd., a global technology services company and subsidiary of holding company NTT Incorporated, will lay off 151 employees beginning in December 2021, according to a notice filed by the company’s North American operation with the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

The layoffs are expected to be permanent and will occur during a 14-day period starting on December 6, the company’s notice indicated, and will occur at the company’s Ballantyne-area office.

According to the notice, the company “will be conducting employee separations of employees that work at, or report into, its facility located at 110006 Rushmore Drive, Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28277.”

NTT has nearly 19,000 employees globally, according to the company’s LinkedIn profile.  151 people affiliated with the company appeared in a WRAL TechWire search of LinkedIn profiles, with locations defined as Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding area.

The company declined to comment on the layoffs to WRAL TechWire.



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