Labcorp launches ‘On Demand’ product

Labcorp launches ‘On Demand’ product

BURLINGTON – Labcorp today launched Labcorp On Demand, which the Burlington-headquartered company describes as an “easy experience” for patients.

The platform will include features allowing users to purchase tests like wellness, allergy, COVID-19, and more, online, so that they can collect samples in their own homes.  It will also enable patients to schedule testing appointments at the company’s patient service centers including those based at Walgreens, a company statement noted.

“Labcorp OnDemand makes it easier for individuals to access our leading diagnostic tests online,” said Amy Summy, Labcorp’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer in a statement.  “The OnDemand platform is an intuitive experience where individuals can purchase tests online and choose from multiple options to take the test, including in the comfort of their own home,” Summy added.

Pixel by Labcorp, the company’s COVID-19 PCR test kit and combined COVID-19 + flu at-home collection test kit and will be available through the new Labcorp On Demand website for no upfront, out-of-pocket costs, for those who meet clinical guidelines, the company said.

Labcorp was among the North Carolina companies to rank highly on a recent equality index and on a “most admired” list.  The company said it would adapt to a new strategic plan in December 2021, but did not anticipate layoffs.  It also made a $450 million acquisition at the tail end of 2021.

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