Major outage with Amazon Web Services strikes U.S., shutting down wide variety of Internet activity

Major outage with Amazon Web Services strikes U.S., shutting down wide variety of Internet activity

RALEIGH – From e-commerce shopping to livestreaming to trading cryptocurrencies, a wide variety of Internet companies are experiencing outages, and a statement from Amazon indicates that the outages may stem from an issue with Amazon Web Services, or AWS.

Amazon indicated it has identified root cause, but also noted it does not yet have a timeline for “full recovery” in the statement.

According to Down Detector, reports of an issue with Amazon Web Services began at about 10:40 eastern time, and accelerated quickly.

The Down Detector Twitter account noted the issue.

The Down Detector Twitter account recently tweeted that Cary-based Epic Games is experiencing outages.

CNBC has confirmed that Disney’s streaming subscription service, Disney+, and Netflix were down as a result of the outage, as were collaboration tool Slack, and the trading apps for Robinhood and Coinbase.  CNBC also reported that some Amazon sellers were unable to access a tool used to manage customer orders, Seller Central.

“We are seeing impact to multiple AWS APIs in the US-EAST-1 Region,” the statement from Amazon reads.

Amazon Web Services provided the below details about the outage in the statement:

  • “9:18 AM PST We can confirm degraded Contact handling by agents in the US-EAST-1 Region. Agents may experience issues logging in or being connected with end-customers.”
  • “9:26 AM PST We can confirm increased error rates for the Support Center console and Support API in the US-EAST-1 Region. We have identified the root cause of the issue and are working towards resolution.”

Fidelity, which operates a facility in the Triangle, is also experiencing outages, according to Down Detector’s Twitter account.

TVNewsCheck is reporting that airlines Delta and Southwest have been affected, as well as some users of Instacart, Venmo, Kindle, and Roku, and also that the McDonald’s app is down.

“This issue is also affecting some of our monitoring and incident response tooling, which is delaying our ability to provide updates,” the statement from Amazon reads.  “We have identified root cause of the issue causing service API and console issues in the US-EAST-1 Region, and are starting to see some signs of recovery,” the statement reads.


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