Porch theft worry you? Here are five ways to fight it

https://www.wraltechwire.com/2021/11/24/porch-theft-worry-you-here-are-five-ways-to-fight-it/Porch theft worry you? Here are five ways to fight it

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Huge “smash and grabs” with thieves raiding a variety of stores for merchandise are making headlines a lot these days as we enter the holiday season, but there’s a big problem to fight closer to your home.

Porch theft.

As more people buy products via the internet for home delivery, thieves continue to walk away from packages left on porches.

Ray Ansari , a computer scientist, chemist and the founder and CEO of CCTV Camera World warns:

“The rise of online shopping, coupled with entering our second holiday season during the pandemic, it is likely that package theft will be on the rise. This type of crime is continuing to grow, and it is leading to harsher legal penalties in some states. Until there is a better government action plan, individuals can take steps mentioned above to mitigate risk. If we are all a little more vigilant, we can avoid porch pirates and make it a great holiday season to remember.”

A recent survey found that “more than 60 percent of Americans know someone who has had a package swiped,” CCTV noted.

Here are five ways to fight porch theft, according to Ansari:

  • Enable Tracking and Text Alerts: Most carriers, including Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, will text you when your package has been delivered. Make sure to turn this feature on and collect your packages as soon as possible.
  • Install Home Security Cameras: Security cameras serve as a deterrent and have successfully identified porch pirates in the act. Consider smart security cameras with AI technology that can detect unusual activity including if a package goes missing.
  • Invest in a Porch Lockbox: Companies now manufacture lockboxes designed specifically to receive packages. The lockbox will have a code that you provide to the delivery service so they can open it and drop your package off securely.
  • Control Shipping Location: If you know you will not be home to accept the package, you can have it shipped to work, to an Amazon Locker or pick it up in-store.
  • Ask for nondescript packaging: A package that says Tiffany & Co is likely to pique the interest of any criminal. Ask the merchant if they can ship using a nondescript box.

Read more at: https://www.cctvcameraworld.com/porch-piracy.html

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