Segra, after sale to Cox Communications, appoints new executive team, after sale to Cox Communications, appoints new executive team

CHARLOTTE – A month after the sale of Segra to Cox Communications, the company announced new leadership.

In a statement issued this week, Segra shared it had appointed several new members to its executive team: Vonya Alleyne as Chief People Officer, Robin Dunson as Chief Legal Officer, Tim Montz as Chief Financial Officer, Scott Wallhermfechtel as Chief Technology Officer, and Dan Watts as Chief Operating Officer.

“Segra is fortunate to have these talented leaders join the Segra executive team at such a pivotal and exciting time for us,” said Tim Biltz, Chief Executive Officer of Segra. “Each of them bring significant industry experience and knowledge and I look forward to working with them to build Segra’s transformational strategies for growth and continue to build on our customer-centric legacy.”

The company, which did not sell two divisions of its business, NorthState and Lumos Networks, to Cox Communications in the deal, was acquired in October.  The deal had been announced in April 2021.

NorthState had been acquired by Segra in 2020, in a deal worth some $240 million.

Segra “owns and operates an advanced fiber infrastructure network throughout nine Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states,” according to its statement.

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