What does 1936 have in common with 2022? A few things.


In 1936 the world was trying to recover from the Great Depression. It was a chaotic time when businesses and consumers alike were filled with both daily struggles and optimistic hope for the future. The Raleigh Chamber was a pillar of the community and member businesses relied on the support and advocacy for economic success.

Now in 2022, the world is trying to recover from the effects of Covid-19 and, just like in 1936, businesses and consumers alike face difficult issues and hold on to hope for a better future. The Raleigh Chamber has a new logo but still aims to build a thriving regional economy, enhance the community’s quality of life, and strengthen member businesses.

One other thing 1936 and 2022 have in common – family working at the Raleigh Chamber.

I am excited to introduce myself, Mary Kubeny, the new marketing copywriter at Raleigh Chamber. In 1936, my great-grandmother, Martha Pugh Ray, wanted to make a difference in the community she loved and became a secretary for the Chamber. It is a privilege to honor her legacy as a Raleigh Chamber employee working to support our business community. I hope to meet you all soon!

Mary Kubeny, Marketing Copywriter

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