Women’s Leadership Conference Sneak Peek for Women’s History Month

Women’s Leadership Conference Sneak Peek for Women’s History Month

The Raleigh Chamber is committed to helping women advance their careers during Women’s History Month and all year long. On May 23, the Chamber will host amazing women in leadership at our annual Women’s Leadership Conference, presented by PNC
Attendees Can Learn from Several of the Breakout Sessions Below:

The Art of Actively Managing Your Career
Discover and understand your leadership style to achieve success as your authentic self!
A Courageous Mindset
Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Learn how to develop a courageous mindset of success from an NC Courage player!
Curating Your Own Board of Advisors
Learn how to invest in your own Board of Advisors/Accountability Group through networking, fostering relationships, and curating a diversity of thought with various genders, ages, races, and management levels.
Growing Together: Negotiating Talent Retention
Learn strategies to negotiate talent retention and discuss the wants, expectations, and communication tactics of businesses and employees.

Feedback is a G.I.F.T.
G.I.F.T. Given with permission, Intent is for growth, For the person, not about the person, Targeted for success. If you want to grow professionally, learn how to receive, give, and ask for feedback.

“Quiet Hiring”
The concept of “Quiet Hiring” and its impact on professional women – instead of making new hires, employers give more work to an existing employee and typically this person is a woman.

  • What is it?
  • How to recognize it.
  • How to have a conversation about it with your leader.
  • What to prioritize and what to pause.
  • The economics behind it.
  • How to leverage it.

This year’s Women’s Leadership Conference will bring established business leaders who support women in the workplace into the conversation. Attendees will receive tools, tactics, and inspiration to build a more equitable, fulfilling future for themselves and others. Check our event page for additional content and speakers.

​“When we Envision our future, we immediately have a better chance to Achieve it. Our committee is thrilled to offer such dynamic breakout sessions for women at all levels of business at this year’s Women’s Leadership Conference!”
​- Jennifer Allen, 2023 Women’s Leadership Conference Chair

“Happy Women’s History Month! PNC has sponsored the Raleigh Chamber’s Women’s Leadership Conference for so many years because of our commitment to making the workplace equitable for all. We hope to see everyone there this May as we continue to strive for that vision!”
​- Jim Hansen, Regional President, Eastern Carolinas & Territory Executive for the Southeast for PNC

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