Miley Cyrus’ father silent on Grammy win as speech snub fuels rumors of family feud

Miley Cyrus' father silent on Grammy win as speech snub fuels rumors of family feud

The aftermath of Miley Cyrus’s Grammy win for Record of the Year stirred up rumors and speculation surrounding her relationship with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. In her acceptance speech, Miley expressed gratitude to her team, Columbia Records, and her family members, including her mother and sister, but notably omitted any mention of her father. This omission prompted social media users to speculate about a potential rift between the two music industry figures.

Some users took to social media platforms to express their observations and theories, with comments ranging from pondering the reasons behind Miley’s omission to speculating about underlying tensions within the Cyrus family. The absence of Noah Cyrus, Miley’s sister, and Braison Cyrus, her brother, at their mother Tish Cyrus’s wedding to Dominic Purcell in August 2023 fueled rumors of family discord. Notably, Noah and Braison spent the wedding day together and posted pictures on social media, suggesting a separate outing.

In contrast, Miley played a significant role in her mother’s wedding as the maid of honor, underscoring her close relationship with Tish. Months later, when Billy Ray tied the knot with Australian singer Firerose, Miley was notably absent from the ceremony. Billy Ray recounted their meeting years ago on the set of “Hannah Montana,” leading to a friendship and eventual romantic involvement after his divorce from Tish.

The strained relationship between Miley and Billy Ray, exacerbated by their parents’ divorce, has been a topic of interest for observers. The couple’s multiple divorce filings and reconciliations over the years have been punctuated by periods of separation, ultimately culminating in a final split in 2022. While Billy Ray attempted to downplay rumors of animosity, suggesting that the separation was long overdue, Miley has spoken candidly about their differing perspectives on fame.

In her TikTok series, “Used To Be Young,” Miley reflected on her upbringing in a stable and financially secure environment, contrasting it with her father’s experiences. Despite their differences, Miley acknowledged her father’s influence on her musical journey and vocal abilities, expressing appreciation for their shared moments making music together.

While Miley’s Grammy speech may have reignited speculation about her relationship with her father, the complexities of family dynamics and personal experiences underline the nuanced nature of their bond. As the public continues to dissect Miley’s acknowledgment choices, her reflections on family, fame, and shared memories with Billy Ray offer glimpses into their relationship’s intricacies.