2023 Beauty Trends That Have Us Perplexed

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

They say beauty is pain. But, lately, beauty is just plain interesting. As we enter a new era of trending looks and myriad methods trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends, it leaves us to wonder: How far is too far in the name of lookin’ fresh and fab? Here, we break down a few, ahem, interesting enhancements currently gaining momentum. … Slay?

Fake Eye Bags

Who knew appearing like you haven’t gotten a good wink of sleep in weeks could be considered cute? Originally gaining popularity on TikTok (naturally), this look involves using purple, blue and red eyeliners/shadows to enhance those under-eye circles. OK, Tim Burton.

Nose Blush

Hey, Rudolph. If you enjoy a sun-kissed appearance but don’t want to deal with the skin damage, this one’s for you. Essentially, dab a little extra blush along your nose for a color that communicates “I spent a bit too long frolicking on a sunny beach.”

Snail Facials 

How slow can you go? Say what you want, but apparently snail slime is hydrating—*shrugs shoulders*—and it hosts a slew of other benefits, from stimulating collagen to helping with acne and eczema. Snailed it?

Skinny Brows 

The ’90s called… and they can’t see your eyebrows. This officially in: Thick eyebrows are out and skinny brows are back. Ready to dig out those tweezers?

Colored Lashes

*Flirtatiously bats eyelashes.* Because black might be too boring, currently all the rage is a range of eyelash extension colors—from flirty light blues and soft hues to bright and eye-catching warmer tones.

McDonald’s Bangs

We’re lovin’ it… or are we? Inspiring more than just your midnight french fries run, many are opting to snip their luscious locks into a shape we know all too well, aka that of the famous McDonald’s arches. Happy meals and happy hair, indeed.

ZigZag Part

Never let ’em know your next move. And that goes for your part too. Take the tail of your comb and go ham for a zigzag part—and add gel if you’re feelin’ sleek and on fleek. 

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