8 Fun Facts About the Carolina Hurricanes 2022 Season


8 fun facts about the Carolina Hurricanes 2022 season

Take warning! Not only are The Carolina Hurricanes currently ranked third in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division—but, in rankings you probs didn’t know, the Canes round out the top 10 for National Hockey League’s list of teams who will travel the most this season. 

NHL Teams that travel the most Carolina Hurricanes

Our beloved Bunch of Jerks are slated to cover ~53,783.3 miles over the course of this season—adding up to a total of about 2.16 times around the globe! As you cheer on Raleigh’s home hockey team (the next home game is Nov. 17 against Colorado!), see how the Canes are stacking up. #LetsGoCanes!

More BTN Fun Facts

  • The average distance the Carolina Hurricanes travel for an away game is 655.89, compared to the average around the NHL—49,448.97 miles. 
  • The Canes are the only team in the Metropolitan Division who ranked in the top 10.
  • The Edmonton Oilers travel the most (63,0965 miles) and The Philadelphia Flyers travel the least (40,410.70 miles).
  • The Pacific Division takes the title of the most traveled division, with 7 teams in the top 10. 
  • Right wing player Martin Necas leads the team for most points scored, with 19 points so far this season.
  • Defenseman Jordan Martinook has spent the most time in the penalty box among his teammates (for 12 minutes total to date). 
  • So far, left wing Andrei Svechnikov has scored the most goals (11 to be exact) out of his fellow Bunch of Jerks.
  • Canadian hockey player Jordan Staal has been the team captain for the Canes since the 2019-2020 season.


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