9-year-old wants to help the homeless this Christmas

9-year-old wants to help the homeless this Christmas

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A 9-year-old Greensboro boy has an unusual Christmas wish list. For Landen Harrison, the holiday means so much more than receiving presents for himself.


What You Need To Know

This will be Landen Harrison’s second time helping the homeless for Christmas

Last year he helped 50 homeless people at the Weaver House Night Shelter in Greensboro and is expecting to double that number this year

His father passed in 2018 and was philanthropic; his mother says he has his father’s helpful heart


Instead of asking for the latest video games or a box of Legos, Landen Harrison is asking for donations to help the homeless.

Last year, he collected enough food and blankets to help 50 homeless people at the Weaver House Night Shelter in Greensboro. This year, he’s expecting to help over 100 homeless people at the same shelter. He said an encounter with a homeless person is what sparked the idea.

“One day I saw a homeless [man], and he asked for everything I’m doing this year, and I wanted to give him and everyone else the food, the blankets and socks that they need,” Landen Harrison said. 

His mother Audra Harrison has been a huge supporter and help. She said it’s rare for someone his age to be so selfless. 

“Is it a lot? Yes. It’s a lot, but I say this year after year, ‘like what kid asks for this?’ Like they don’t. Anytime he asks to do something of a philanthropist nature, what parent wouldn’t support their kid, you know?” Audra Harrison said. 

Landen Harrison’s father, Phil Harrison, suffered from a long battle with esophageal cancer and passed away in 2018. Audra Harrison said her son has his helpful heart. 

“Phil was very much involved in the community. When the tornadoes hit, him and Landen were out giving bottles of water over by the elementary schools, so there’s moments like this where I’m like ‘man, if your dad was here he’d be chipping in,'” Audra Harrison said. 

If you’d like to donate food, blankets or socks to help Landen Harrison’s cause, you can drop donations off at 1000 Honeysuckle Dr. Greensboro, N.C. 27408 or email [email protected] with questions. 

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