A Dozen North Carolina Distilleries Worth the Drive—or Drink

A dozen distilleries worth the drive—or drink.

Let’s go distillery-hopping! Leaning into state spirit—ahem, literally—we poured together a list of some of NC’s distillers worth drinking (or taking a detour for) the next time you’re looking to mix it up. 

From mountains to seaside, these small-batch craft spirits-makers produce a range of liquors running the gamut from unique sips worth sipping like Mayberry Spirits Distillery’s single-malt sorghum whiskies made in copper stills that would surely make Andy Griffith proud to swigs that’ll give you strong beliefs—we see you Conviction. 

Upping the ante in drinking behind bars, the latter award-winning small-batch bourbon by Southern Grace is distilled in a former prison (!). Clearly you should sentence yourself to do some time in Mount Pleasant to drink in its 1929 prison while you get schooled on the campus and how they create that bastille bourbon—and extend your stay for some swills, natch. 

At home, we’re digging the metamorphosis of Durham Distillery’s Conniption gin with the 2022-released butterfly pea flower-infused pretty purple-hued Kinship, the third edition to its famed lineup that will no doubt calm any conniption fit. 

Over on the coast, clear things up with “all the taste without the bite” via veteran-owned Blue Shark Vodka—aka reigning winner of North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association Chef Showdown’s People’s Choice Award. Or end your day at End of Days Distillery in Wilmington and pick your poison among a slew of spirits. 

Ultimately, whether you were born to rum or you’re just looking for some gin-tuition, this cast of statewide spirits promises to raise the bar. 


Chemist Spirits  | gin, whiskey, bierbrand

Mount Airy

Mayberry Spirits Distillery | whiskey, gourmet flavorings and pure extracts, cigars

Mount Pleasant

Southern Grace Distilleries  | small-batch whiskey


Call Family Distillers | moonshine, liqueur, whiskey, brandy


Three Stacks Distilling | Social House Vodka


Hackney Distillery | 1000 Piers Gin


Fainting Goat Spirits | vodka, gin, whiskey


Durham Distillery | gin, vodka, liqueurs, RTD canned cocktails


Broadslab Distillery | moonshine, whiskey, rum


Outer Banks Distilling | rum

Wrightsville Beach

Blue Shark Vodka | vodka, cigars

WilmingtonEnd of Days Distillery | small-batch vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, RTD canned cocktails

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