A Look Into Raleigh’s Downtown Development

A close look at the Downtown development currently underway

It’s no doubt exciting to be living in a city on the rise—literally. News of the next big building breaking ground or major project coming down the pipeline breaks seemingly daily, inundating us with tower announcements, floor numbers, random addresses and renderings. Which is also wildly overwhelming to keep up with—or try to envision what the ever-evolving cityscape will look like in the coming year or two or five. Enter your first real visualization of Downtown’s future skyline. Raleigh Magazine’s team recently sat front and center at Downtown Raleigh Alliance’s annual State of Downtown event (see p. 36), during which DRA unveiled the above then-unlabeled image as representative of the ~$4.8 billion of projects planned, proposed or under construction in DTR as of now. Our awe was immediately followed by a need to align each building image with its respective project and placement (no small feat), yielding what is now Downtown Raleigh’s first true labeled map of how our skyline will take shape via a range of hotels, office buildings, retail and residential builds (or mixed-use combinations). Said one stakeholder of the illustration: “Maybe we’re finally going to get there, finally going to have some of those iconic destinations that are cool to have—ones that warrant the ‘best place to live’ accolades and give us that wow-factor that other big urban destinations have long had.”

Map courtesy of Downtown Raleigh Alliance

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