A Sneak Peek of Some March Stories

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Get excited! Raleigh Magazine’s March issue drops March 1—and will be on stands around town and delivered to your doors and mailboxes! If you can’t wait until then, here’s a quick look at some of the stories we have in store. (Subscribe now or by March 5 to have the March issue delivered straight to your mailbox—with a peel-off label to boot… for a steal of just $10/year!)

Sending Spirits

Buffalo Trace

Ever mailed liquor or beer? Or ordered some online to have shipped directly to your door? Brought more than 4 bottles of standard-size liquor and driven it over state lines? Welp—turns out you broke the law. We know. We were shocked too. … So, we took a deep dive into what you can and can’t do—and put on our investigative caps re: the wonderful land of spirits websites. You won’t want to miss this.

What’s the Deal with NIL?

sam howell Bojangles
Sam Howell

It’s March—and ’tis the season for sports! It has been less than a year since college athletes have been able to benefit from name image and likeness (NIL) opportunities. So, as we head into March Madness and the Big Dance—and dust off those brackets!—we take a look at the biggest players in local NIL opps (think name, image, likeness) and who’s inked deals across Tobacco Road.

Fenton’s Retail Remix

Fenton Rendering

Mixed-use has always banked on retail. Until now. Fenton is flipping the script by putting food & bev first with a star-studded opening cast—including locals Mike Lee with M Sushi, Ford Fry with Superica, Scott Crawford with Crawford Brothers’ Steakhouse, Kevin Barrett and Drew Schenck with the latest Dram & Draught… among others.

Market Mayhem

The Eastern Kitchen Rndrg
The Eastern

Looks like growth comes with a price tag. Y’all—we have a $14,000-per-month penthouse in North Hills! So have we made it or have we lost our minds? … Depends on your perspective—and who you ask. We dive into the market mayhem—from the smoldering hot (and seemingly impossible at times) housing market to the rapidly rising rental market to room renting (it’s a thing!) to 2022 expert forecasts. 

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