Ahead of Hurricane Idalia, Commissioner Causey urges storm preparedness

With Hurricane Idalia forecasted to bring potential damaging wind and rain to North Carolina this week, Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey offered tips to residents whose homes and property could be vulnerable to storm damage. He also assured North Carolinians that the insurance industry is in great shape to be ready if storm damage is to occur.

“I want to encourage the state’s residents to make necessary preparations now and brush up on helpful tips, which include making an inventory of important belongings and knowing what is in your policy,” Commissioner Causey said. “Our insurance industry is robust and in the best shape they it has ever been. Agents are well prepared for the onslaught of claims that may be coming in, and that, once paid, will keep residents’ homes, property and lives intact.”

As a result of a state of emergency declaration issued by the governor, DOI’s Life and Health Division has issued a special bulletin, reminding health benefit plans of compliance requirements for operations under a state of emergency for purposes of obtaining extra prescriptions.

With the prediction of flooding a possible byproduct of the hurricane, Commissioner Causey is in contact with state officials, FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program. As soon as the storm passes and it is safe to do so, agents will be on the ground to assist storm victims to help with their property.

Commissioner Causey is also encouraging North Carolinians to be wise to avoid potential scams rising from the aftermath of the storm.

“If you’re asked to sign anything on the dotted line, stop and ask yourself first if the company is reputable and if this could be a scam,” Commissioner Causey said. “Unfortunately, scam artists use emergency situations such as a hurricane to prey on citizens during vulnerable times. Make sure you keep your guard up so that you don’t get ripped off.”

For more information on how to be prepared before, during and after any storm, visit www.ncdoi.gov/disaster or contact the N.C. Department of Insurance Consumer Division at 1-855-408-1212.

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