Amanda Lamb Tackles Cold Case in What Remains Podcast

WRAL’s new podcast digs into cold cases and unidentified human remains.

Curious to find out how tooth enamel can be used to determine where a person grew up or how a body farm (or human decomposition facility) in NC is gathering research that can aid in murder investigations? WRAL’s Amanda Lamb tackles these topics and more in her new podcast, What Remains.

Amanda Lamb (Photo Credit: Jennifer Robertson)

Launched in June 2022, What Remains explores how human remains are connected to missing and murdered people—hence the double entendre moniker… what remains of the remains. 

“This has a really wide appeal for true crime junkies, but also science nerds,” says Lamb, “and I really think I’m becoming a science nerd because I get so excited when I talk to someone, and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. Back up. Explain that to me.’ And I’m like, ‘No, really, that’s for real?’” 

Appealing it is—as of July, What Remains ranked in the top 200 for all Apple Podcasts and in the top 10 for science podcasts. In fact, it became so popular so quickly that rather than ending season one when the 11th weekly episode dropped in mid-August, the station has continued to produce new episodes.

“We’re just going to keep on rolling and providing new content,” says Lamb. “It may not be weekly. It may be every 10 days. … We have a very small team, but we’re really excited by the interest.”

Throughout the series, listeners hear from forensic anthropologists, including Dr. Ann Ross from NC State University, investigators and families of the deceased. 

After submerging herself in various topics surrounding cold cases and unidentified remains for the podcast, Lamb says there’s one important thing she’s learned. 

“Everybody, whether you are a person living off the grid, whether you are a person who has fallen on hard times and is living on the street,” she says, “no matter who you are, everybody deserves to be identified and returned to their families.”

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