Bagel Spots to Try Around the Triangle for National Bagel Day


For a National Bagel Day that’s a hole in one, hit up one of these local bagel spots.

Nothing beats a morning bagel (or lunch or dinner bagel for that matter—we don’t discriminate). And while Raleigh might not be on par with NYC’s bagel standards (yet), we’ve still got some pretty bangin’ bagel spots we love a hole lot. Use National Bagel Day Jan. 15 as an excuse to visit one of these local faves. 

Benchwarmers Bagels

You can’t go wrong with any of the loaded bagels on offer at this Transfer Co. Food Hall gem, thanks to its perfected bagel creation method—think heirloom grains, an extensive fermentation process and a wood-fired oven—that rivals NYC (don’t come for us, New Yorkers!). NTM the sweet and savory spreads and sandwich fillings that are, well, everything.

Cup A Joe

If you’re all about the classics, look no further than Cup A Joe. This iconic OG coffee shop offers traditional bagels with your choice of topping (cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, etc.) or as a sandwich (bacon, egg and cheese, please!). And nothing pairs better than a cup of joe. It’s all about the simple pleasures!

NY Bagel & Deli

Find choices galore at this casual eatery touting New York-style (natch) deli sammies and bagels (we’re talking 25 varieties!). From sit ’n savors to discerning dashers, breakfast eaters of all types will find the perfect combo to satisfy their cravings—the only hard part will be choosing which one to order. … Decisions, decisions!

The Morning Times

Have you heard the news? Delicious mornings start with a housemade bagel with your choice of a slew of spreads or eggs and cheese at this DTR daytime cafe, which serves all-day breakfast. So even if your “mornings” start at 2pm, they’ve gotcha covered. 

Big Dom’s Bagel Shop

Big bagel energy, found. This Cary nosh spot offers up bagels “rolled by hand and ruled by love,” and the sizable handrolled delights found here taste as good as they look. While this shop serves up the classic smear/sandwich delights you know and love, you’re not gonna wanna sleep on the signature B’donut, a sugary combination of bagel and doughnut. Take warning: You’ll be left with powdered sugar everywhere (worth it though). 


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