Bethlehem star shined for hope

Bethlehem star shined for hope

BETHLEHEM, N.C. — Warren Hollar grew up in the small town of Bethlehem.

“I was a farm boy,” Hollar said.

When he got older, he spent a lot of time helping the community through hope. For 45 years Bethlehem has been lighting a star for Christmas. He’s been there for every lighting. 

“There were some little kids on the shoulder of parents. They looked up to the star and went, ‘uww and ohh,’ and I heard one say, ‘what’s the star mean, daddy?'” Hollar said.

He decided then that he wanted to participate every year. Hollar is now part of the star lighting committee that works with churches to make it come alive.

They currently have a different star than before. It’s been there since 2018 after a tornado tore down the first one. The community came together to bring it back. There are names of everyone that contributed underneath because Hollar says without a star, lighting Bethlehem would not be complete.

This year they did the lighting a little different. The star has been lit for almost two years to give the community hope during COVID-19.

“We read the names of each person that passed away. We rang a fire bell with the boys and girl scouts. Then we invited the families to come up, and they received a handmade cross by a person from one of our churches​,” Hollar said.

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