Bridge at Avery County campground submerged by storm

Bridge at Avery County campground submerged by storm

AVERY COUNTY, N.C. — Camp Linn Haven has been a gathering place in Avery County for more than 80 years. It’s a Missouri Synod- Lutheran Church that brings in people from all over the world.


What You Need To Know

Campers at Camp Linn Haven could not be evacuate due to the bridge going under water

All campers were safe

They are now in need of a new bridge but will be trying to repair the one they have


“We have 12 different weeks going from pre-teenage all the way to senior age, and we have two high school serving event weeks where they go out and serve the community,” Camp Manager Teirsa Lane said.

She has been coming here since she was an infant. Twenty-one years ago she decided to be the manager. Lane spends her summers here, so when rain fell hard Monday night, she knew the river surrounding the camp was rising fast.

“We would be under water right now if we were standing here Tuesday. This is how high it was,” Lane said.

The bridge is the only way in and out of the campground. During the storm, it was under water.

“You couldn’t see the bridge. We didn’t see the bridge again until yesterday morning at 5,” Lane said. 

Water did go into the campground, bringing mud and debris onto the tennis courts. Children’s toys were floating around.

“It flowed straight through this parking lot and down through the cabins, and the same river is in the back of the field,” Lane said.

Lane said those staying in the campers were brought to a safer spot during the storm, and the guests staying in the cabins just stayed indoors.

“When we lost power we only had one generator, so instead of putting it anywhere else, I had them put it at the house this man was staying in so he would have his oxygen. That was more important than anything,” Lane said.

No water entered the church.

The bridge did have some damage, which they say they are going to be working on repairing soon. Lane says they do need a new bridge, which could be purchased with the help of donations.

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