Charlotte mom aims to help parents with PTSA revamp

Charlotte mom aims to help parents with PTSA revamp

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — West Charlotte mom Colette Forrest will admit when it comes to school, she’s relentless.

What You Need To Know

  • Colette Forrest is the mom of a freshman at West Charlotte High School
  • She’s revamping the PTSA and hopes to focus on lifting up parents
  • Forrest believes if the parent is secure, the kids will be secure in their learning 

“You’re an A B student. Everything is about grades,” Forrest said.

This was back in May, when her son Bobby was finishing up middle school.

Now, Bobby is a freshman at West Charlotte High School. While Forrest is making sure he’s already involved, she’s getting involved too.

Forrest says she knows what she wants. Between remote learning and COVID cutting off connections, Forrest is working to bring the community back together as the Parent Teacher Student Association president.

“I’m relentless, because at the end of the day, this is West Charlotte High School,” Forrest said. “There’s just so much history here.”

From low scores on EOGs, to school threats and fights on campus, Forrest says changing the schools narrative can’t just be left to educators.

“I feel like West Charlotte will be able to turn the page if we are insistent and consistent,” Forrest said.

She’s hoping to not only change student outcomes, but to help support parents along the way.

“It all begins at home with the parent, so I need to help that parent,” Forrest said. “We at West Charlotte need to help that parent. What do you need?”

And with the help of the school community, through campus events and resources, Forrest is confident the West Charlotte Lions will roar once again.

“The more that the parent feels calm and they are at ease with what their needs are, the better they can ensure that they can meet the needs of their student,” Forrest said. “And that’s what this is all about, ensuring that the students’ needs are met.”

Forrest hopes the new PTSA will not only focus on the children, but also connect parents with resources, such as job placement, tutoring and eviction help.

Forrest wants to make sure every child, and every parent, has a solid home foundation for success.

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