Charlotte vodka company sees growth during alcohol shortage

Charlotte vodka company sees growth during alcohol shortage

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Taylor Jackson is an Ohio-born entrepreneur with an unconventional journey to owning a vodka company.


What You Need To Know

  • Alcohol shortages continue throughout North Carolina 
  • One entrepreneur is seeing a surge in business as ABC struggles to stock shelves 
  • Taylor Jackson says she created her business in honor of her grandmother 


Jackson, who went to law school, says when she became a bartender after moving to Charlotte her career pivoted. But, she still wants to be a lawyer. 

“Redd Rose wasn’t started because I wanted to make a million dollars, Red Rose was started because I wanted to have generational wealth” Jackson said.  

Since August, North Carolina has seen more out of stock signs in liquor stores. 

ABC sites’ increase in alcohol consumption, a new ordering system, and a lack of glass are reasons cited for the shortage. 

But Jackson is seeing her business, Redd Rose, expand across the states. She recently added North Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Louisiana to her shipping partners. 

Taylor says she came up with the ingredients for Redd Rose by experimenting, but she didn’t come up with these ingredients to success alone. 

Rose Mary, her grandmother and the company’s name sake, gave her the recipe for success. 

“She had her own company, she drove on the streets and picked up recycling items that she could sell at her flea market,” Jackson said. 

Jackson says even when faced with obstacles, her grandmother refused to give up. She says that’s where she learned resilience. 

“She allowed other vendors to come in and sell their products on her land. Even when the flea market people wanted to come in and buy land, she said, ‘I’m not allowing you to,’” Jackson said. 

Just like her grandmother, Jackson says as she thrives, she too wants to pour into the community. 

“I just want to see other people be great, be successful. I just want to bring other people with me. If I could serve the world, I would do that,” she said.

You can find more information on her product by clicking here.

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