Commissioner Causey announces new technology upgrades that will better link computer systems for bail bond agents

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey today announced new technology upgrades that will help bail bond agents better track cases, log citizen complaints and manage workflow by merging multiple systems previously unconnected. 

The department collaborated with the N.C. Department of Information Technology’s Government Data Analytics Center (GDAC) on multi-phased upgrades to NCDOI’s Bail Bond Information System (BBIS), including a new dashboard that uses technology from SAS, one of the state’s vendor partners, to integrate data in an online reporting system.

“These important upgrades are all about customer service and safety for all. We had several outdated systems that were not talking to each other, and our bail bond agents had to log into multiple places to track cases,” said Commissioner Causey. “This integrated system will help give bail bond agents a one-stop platform and a more complete picture of what services are needed where. I want to thank the SAS Institute in Cary for their expertise in developing this system, and a special thanks to the teams at GDAC and NCDIT for their efforts.” 

This multi-year, multi-agency project is part of a larger effort to merge existing data assets into useful information to help leaders make program investment decisions, manage resources and improve financial programs, budgets and results. More aspects of the BBIS upgrade project are scheduled to roll out in the coming months and years.

“We have been working with DOI for over four years now, and it’s a great partnership,” said Carol Burroughs, chief data officer for NCDIT. “As DOI’s needs continue to evolve, we will keep responding to improve services to residents through upgrades like this.”

About NCDIT’s Government Data Analytics Center
The N.C. Department of Information Technology manages and coordinates state data integration efforts through the Government Data Analytics Center (GDAC). Currently, GDAC integrates data and develops analytics to support business needs associated with criminal justice, child safety, fraud, compliance, health care and longitudinal and performance analysis. For more information about NCDIT, visit

About DOI’s Bail Bond Regulatory Division
The primary purpose of the Bail Bond Regulatory Division is to regulate, educate and enforce all aspects of bail bonding. The division ensures proper and fair treatment has been given to individuals who are involved within the North Carolina legal bail bond system. It is part of DOI’s Fraud Control Group.

The Division regulates all professional bail bondsmen, bail bond runners and surety bondsmen licensed to operate in North Carolina. Also, all surety insurance companies licensed to conduct business in North Carolina are regulated by the Department of Insurance. All persons acting in any capacity of bail bonding must be licensed by the Commissioner of Insurance.

Any possible criminal violations of state law are referred to the Criminal Investigations Division. 

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