DRA and Urban Pothos Hosting Downtown Raleigh Plant Week

Wet your plants! … And other prickly plant pointers.

There you grow! May 8–13 marks DRA’s first-ever Downtown Raleigh Plant Week hosted by Urban Pothos—essentially fun plant parties around town all weeklong via your fave local plant spots (think Logan’s Garden Shop, Copperline Plant Co. and The ZEN Succulent, to name but a few). And don’t forget to use the hashtag #DTRPlantWeek to put your name in the pot to win a rare plant!

In honor of the occasion, we rounded up some professional plant pointers via our uberpopular Plant Pundit column—because let’s face it, some of us succ at keeping our potted children alive and thriving (it’s me, hi, I’m the problem). 

You got plant Qs? We’ve got answers. Peruse below for tips to keep those potted princesses flirty, flowered and thriving. Rest assured, we’re rooting for you. … Until then, find us budding at those plant parties. See ya there!

I love my plants and my fur baby. What are the best pet-friendly options?

Is it time for a plant funeral—or is this baby salvageable?

The great dirt debate: What’s the best potting soil for houseplants?

Give me the TLDR. … What is one tool, device or lesson that makes all the difference in keeping my plants alive and thriving? 

Is my plant baby squished?! How do I know if I need to repot?

Okay—should I actually be watering my plants from the bottom?

Post-hellfire summer heat, how do I prepare my plants for cooler weather?

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