Durham Distillery Releases New Conniption Kinship Gin

Durham Distillery releases new gin with butterfly pea flower.

Durham Distillery’s brand-new color-changing (!) Conniption Kinship—the third gin in its tasty, refreshing lineup—boasts a beautiful purple hue that, when mixed with citrus (or even tonic!), changes colors before your very eyes. Magic? More like science!

In the works since the beginning of the year, Conniption’s Kinship is made with a vapor-distilled botanical base of juniper, Indian coriander, cardamom, licorice root, angelica root and bitter orange—plus a delicate botanical blend of fresh orange and lemon peels, honeysuckle flowers, and ripe cucumbers—and naturally infused with butterfly pea flowers, yielding that gorge color. A pH reaction with citrus causes that awe-inspiring hue to morph into shades of blue and pink in even prettier cocktails. 

“This is a match made in heaven for us because our whole purpose and mission behind Conniption Gin is to connect art and science together through the modernization of gin distillation,” says Katrincic. “It just has its own journey—and I fell in love with it.”

Conniption Kinship Gin Durham Distillery PC Forrest Mason
Forrest Mason

More than just a pretty bottle on the shelf, Kinship will stand out flavorwise from Conniption American Dry and Navy Strength gins and possess its own distinct personality. Coming in at 92 proof, it’ll also “play up really well with cocktails,” Katrincic maintains. (So flex those home bartending skills by playing at home!)

Conniption Kinship will also showcase Durham Distillery’s new custom bottle release, which will eventually be the same for all the Conniption gins—aka “still the same profile… very similar shape,” says Katrincic, “but it’s just a beautiful bottle. It’s got a showstopper kind of quality to it.”  

And playing up that marriage of art and science (hence the Kinship name): “We really had fun with this packaging,” says Katrinic. To wit: the molecular structures with illustrations of juniper berries and butterfly pea flowers coming out of them that adorn the bottle. “The signature Conniption Gin ‘window’ illustration is still there behind the purple, but you’ll have to drink the liquid to reveal it. Isn’t that fun?!” she adds.

Let the good times be(gin) this weekend at Corpse Reviver, where they’ll “have some curated cocktails that will show off the gin for people who want to come in and try it,” says Katrincic. And for those looking to bring a bottle home, it’ll be available at Durham Distillery on Friday, Aug. 5, and in local ABC Stores within the next week to 10 days, according to Katrincic. 

“I feel like this is the right time where we all need a little prettiness in our lives,” she adds. “This is not any kind of dark bourbony, whiskey type of thing. This is really bright.”—and it’s almost impossible not to smile while drinking it. Bottoms up! 

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