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It’s no secret that many people looking to take advantage of a hot housing market would love to find a way to sell their home themselves and avoid the traditional Realtor fees. However, not being a Realtor limits where for-sale-by-owner listings can be seen. 

That’s why one local entrepreneur launched EasyDigz, a real estate technology platform designed to help people sell their home, and gain access to all the major online listing sites and the local MLS for just $3,500.

Jamie Dawson has built a successful 20-year real estate career spanning residential, commercial and investment services, and even owns a boutique building and renovation company. Now, he is focused on giving some home sellers what they want: a platform that allows them to be in control with help from a Realtor if they need it. 

The idea came about in 2020. Over the last decade or more, many of us have become comfortable shopping and selling online. However, the pandemic accelerated that trend into many more aspects of our lives. With people not comfortable going out in public, they began ordering their groceries, food, clothing and other everyday products from their computers and devices. 

The real estate market was no exception. There were spaced-out showing times taking the place of open houses and 3D tours appeared on listings. Additionally, with the remote working phenomenon, people began relocating from crowded, expensive urban areas, such as the Northeast and West Coast, and using this sophisticated technology to put offers on homes sight unseen.

Dawson saw an opening and decided to act. “If people were purchasing nearly everything online, why not buy or sell your house that way as well?” says Dawson. “I know it’s not for everyone, but there is a set of tech-savvy people who are comfortable taking control of the process and that’s what we give them.”

Here’s how it works. Sellers head to the EasyDigz website and answer a handful of questions about their property. Afterward, they are assigned a licensed real estate agent to consult with and answer any questions throughout the process.    

If they move forward, included in the service is a certified property preinspection and evaluation that will let the seller know of any big-ticket repair items and give potential buyers full visibility into the condition of the home. EasyDigz also provides a sophisticated and immersive Matterport 3D tour of the home, so potential buyers can get a very accurate sense of the layout and feel like they are actually inside. Typically, these two services are scheduled the same day to limit disruption for the seller. 

Once those two items are complete, the seller goes over any last details with their assigned agent consultant and then the listing goes live. That’s where the fun starts.

“I think one thing that people really enjoy about the process is our dashboard,” says Dawson. “This is where we are really unique. Sellers can view activity and review offers and select the one they want to work with.” 

Sellers then work with their assigned agent consultant to review the offer and then negotiate on their behalf while advising them throughout the entire process. All for just $3,500. 

“This part is very important. Sellers want to have control, but they also want the assurance that they have an assigned agent to help guide them if they need it,” says Dawson. “For just $3,500, sellers get a lot of value, which is what they deserve. It’s their house, in some cases for decades, so they should keep as much of that profit as possible for their next chapter.”

Dawson knows there are other iBuying options out there, but he believes his “hybrid listings” provide better results.

“Sure, you can sell your house directly to a national iBuyer with no open houses, or need to clean up, but they aren’t going to give you what the open market might,” says Dawson. “Though easy to use, it’s worth testing the market, and for $3,500 we help sellers get the most for their home.”

It doesn’t stop with just selling. “Yes, we have a Buy Now button,” Dawson laughs. Those looking to purchase can head to the EasyDigz site and search homes as well. “It’s a hot market, so those who want to get under contract fast can use our Buy Now functionality.” 

Properties are fed into the site so potential buyers can search as they would on a typical online real estate site. If they see their potential future home, they can click the button to submit an offer. EasyDigz agents will review the offer and ensure all the details are correct and submit on behalf of the potential buyer. 

“What we wanted to create is really a one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers,” says Dawson.  “In theory, someone could sell their home and buy another in one day while sitting on their couch.” 

If you are interested in selling or buying, visit the EasyDigz website or call (919) 275-5868 to consult with an agent. 

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