Episode 3 of Office Talk w/ Raleigh Magazine Is Out Now!

ICYMI Raleigh Magazine launched a podcast last week and the city is abuzz! Office Talk w/ Raleigh Magazine dishes must-listen behind-the-scenes intel on the city and our stories, chats with insiders and much more. 

S/o to all of our readers (and fans!) for such an incredible first week—and here’s hoping you enjoy the newest episode (on bars!), now live across all platforms.

Episode 3: Bars!

If you love bars and you love Raleigh—who doesn’t—you’re gonna wanna hang with us for our latest episode, during which Publisher Gina Stephens and Editor-in-Chief Melissa Howsam go beyond our recent “Best Bars” coverage to share never-before-heard scoop on some of the city’s top sip spots, give an inside look at the hospitality industry—and even scoop some of their own faves. Plus, a tease for what’s ahead for the next Best Bars awards. Pour yourself a cocktail and listen in! 

Watch our sneak peek below, then tune in here (or wherever you get your podcasts!).

And while you’re hanging with us, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to our premiere episodes on whether or not you’re breaking the law without knowing (!) and the cool local response to luring employees back to work, give ’em a listen.

Until next week, thanks for listening!

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