Everything You Need to Know About the Stadium Series in Raleigh

Take warning, Raleigh! The Stadium Series is finally upon us, and Raleigh is set to take center stage as the world watches when the Canes and Capitals hit the ice for a matchup years in the making. Beyond the weeklong star-studded cast of events, it’s also big business for our city orchestrated by a roster of major players. Here, we take a deep dive into all things #StadiumSeries—from our exclusive day-by-day downloadable Guide (presented by Charles & Colvard) to a look at those involved in bringing this celebration to life to the long-lasting impact this will have on our city—NTM our podcast detailing all the fanfare.

2023 NHL Stadium Series Events Weeklong Day-by-Day Guide

Your day-to-day guide to the weeklong experience

Years in the Making, the Timing Feels Meant to Be

Images from the NHL game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Washington Capitals on Oct. 31, 2022 in Raleigh, N.C. (Margaret DeBruhl/ Carolina Hurricanes), Frederik Andersen

The Stadium Series game is more than a game—it’s a weeklong unprecedented event that promises to rock you like a Hurricane. 

It’s More Than a Game—It’s Big Business

Take warning—the Stadium Series game is about more than hockey. It’s big business.

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