Government Affairs Update: Budgets, Busses, and Beliefs

The General Assembly

House Speaker Tim Moore told reporters on Tuesday he still believes the General Assembly is on track to vote on the much-delayed state budget the week of September 11. The budget goes beyond just continuing state operations; county and municipal governments are holding their breath to see how much state funding they will receive to continue, or perhaps expand, certain programs. Until the budget is passed, everyone remains in a holding pattern.
​Of interest to the Raleigh Chamber, Medicaid expansion won’t happen in Wake County until the budget is passed. Tens of thousands of residents stand to gain reliable health insurance when it does. 

Raleigh Planning Commission

The Raleigh Planning Commission is looking at a rezoning plan that covers more than 700 properties along the much anticipated New Bern Avenue BRT Corridor. They are systematically reviewing requests from property owners to join or leave a planned Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zoning overlay which will dictate how dense and/or high buildings will grow along the transit line. While the city is interested in incentivizing more development along the corridor, the decision is complicated by several factors like historic property designations covering several neighborhoods along the planned lines and property owners who are requesting even higher rezonings to try and maximize land value while they have the chance.
Though they still have many more meetings before they’ve gotten through the whole line, the Planning Commission so far has proved reluctant to upzone properties higher than what the TOD will allow. Should they choose not to allow properties to exceed the currently proposed heights, property owners will need to undertake individual upzoning requests, which will almost certainly take longer and bring increased scrutiny than if they can get an upzoning now. 

Wake County Strategic Plan

Wake County has launched its first organization-wide strategic planning process to assess our current state, develop a shared vision for our future, and define its direction and priorities. This process will enable the County to focus its collective efforts on the most important issues and work together to design innovative solutions. To get them there, the County is specifically requesting Chamber members’ help.
Wake County asks for your input on our community’s vision, what they do well, where they can improve, and what should be their top priorities. Your insight will help define our County’s vision, goals, and initiatives—and your participation will result in a better plan.
​Please use this link and complete the seven-question survey to make your voice heard. All responses are anonymous, so please be candid. The survey takes just a few minutes but can significantly impact Wake County’s future.

To learn more about our GA priorities you can visit our webpage.

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