Heat and mask mandate create complex workout situation

Heat and mask mandate create complex workout situation

RALEIGH, N.C. — A complex situation awaits folks coming back to gyms across the Triangle trying to lose those quarantine pounds.


What You Need To Know

Clients are dealing with a workout conundrum as they head back to gyms

High temperatures outside and mask mandates inside create a complex situation

A Raleigh Personal Training and Triple Threat Fitness trainer says you should drink a lot of water, breathe as much as you can and find shady spots


Inside, the masks make breathing a little bit harder. But outside workouts mean dealing with the heat.

The heat index was near triple digits Thursday afternoon. But those numbers stood no chance against Rasheeka Lyons, a client of Raleigh Personal Training and Triple Threat Fitness.

“I like the sweat. It’s awesome. You burn more calories,” Lyons said.

Mitch Jeffries is Lyons’ trainer. He says clients are flocking back to his gym.

“Yup, getting that quarantine weight off exactly,” Jeffries said.

Jeffries says many of his clients are choosing to work outside, even in those hot temperatures just to avoid wearing masks.

“That’s big. The masks can complicate your breathing. (You) wanna be able to breathe the best you can outside,” Jeffries said. “I like to do a lot of my warmups outside. Get that sweat going, that heart rate up, then bring them in here. Stretch it out”

But of course, as we know, an inside workout isn’t too ideal either these days.

“I do, I wear a mask when a lot of people around, but when I know I’ll be 6 feet or more apart then I wouldn’t wear my mask,” Lyons said.

Jeffries says there are never more than five people inside the gym at any given time.

It gives clients like Lyons the opportunity to take their masks off and breathe a little easier.

He has this advice for people working out outside, on hot days.

“Drink a lot of water. Try to control your breathing as much as you can and find your shade spots,” Jeffries said

Jeffries says most of his sessions have been one on one lately as more and more people are opting to leave big group workouts while COVID-19 still looms large.

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