High Vibe Raleigh Will Be the City’s First Nonalcoholic Dance Party

High Vibe Raleigh is not your typical dance party. Hosted by Caren DeCesaris in partnership with Umbrella Dry Bar—which just announced its first brick-and-mortar in DTR at the former Garland space!—and Raleigh Union Station, the first large-scale nonalcoholic (!) soiree in the City of Oaks is an exhilarating morning club experience that’s all about embracing life’s energy sans booze

“I believe everyone deserves to experience that ‘high-vibe’ feeling without inhibition,” maintains DeCesaris. “Regardless of being sober or not (I am personally not sober!), it is important to experience life—fully alive. High Vibe Raleigh is bringing the club to the streets, and creating a space for clubgoers and party people to party in the am, uninhibited.”

Taking place Oct. 21, the daylong fest starts with a free pre-event yoga session, followed by an electrifying dance party. “It’s a beautiful way to start your day,” says DeCesaris, “surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all there to embrace the joy of living in the moment.”

As the day unfolds, the energy will remain high with interactive activities and invigorating music—plus food from Raleigh Raw, a food truck, snacks and a meditation tent—ensuring the buzz never wanes. And despite the lack of alcohol, spirit-free drinks (NA cocktails and beer) from Umbrella Dry Bar will stay flowing. Bonus: Five lucky attendees will even win golden tickets for a special tasting at the bar.

DeCesaris, a self-described hype-woman who delights in getting people “moving, dancing and shaking their butts,” founded the event to “tap into childlike fun, bliss and joy through dance, music, community and wellness.” … “This is a judgment-free environment,” she adds. “It’s just a party where everyone is invited to join the dance.” 

High Vibe Raleigh is particularly special as it marks the last event at Union Station before it closes for construction. As DeCesaris puts it, “We’re going out with a bang over there.” So put your party pants on and gear up to let loose, shed your inhibitions and dance like nobody’s watching.

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