Highly Anticipated Smoky Hollow Dog Ice Cream Shop Shifts Vision

Smoky Hollow dog ice cream shop shifts its vision

There’s a new dog in the hause. Shifting from its previous doggie scoop shop concept Salty Paws franchise, meet the revamped vision + moniker: Hause of Dogs

First discovering the franchise four years ago, local mother-daughter duo Amanda Moody and Ashton Edens, respectively, planned to launch their Salty Paws franchise in Smoky Hollow late this summer thanks to its solid business model—and thus delivering the first doggie ice cream bar and bakery (um, barkery) to bow in NC. But there’s been a recent revamp. 

With a central focus on operating the biz to help dogs in need, the duo decided to walk away from the franchise in favor of more creative freedom and in the name of centering their enterprise on saving our local furry friends. 

Despite the conceptual shift, Hause of Dogs remains set to open in its originally planned Smoky Hollow locale by visionary developer Kane Realty Corporation in mid-August. “Kane was really excited about the change,” shares Moody. “They thought it was a positive change for our platform and what we are hoping to do.”

Hause of Dogs maintains its plans to host its array of animal-centered activities—from partnering with New Anthem Beer, West Street Dog and DOSE Yoga to keeping their paws open to new ideas from the community. And for our dog lovers/yogis in the hause, find Doga on the schedule, aka yoga with shelter dogs roaming between the mats (did all the dog people just let out a collective squeal?!).

“It’s just giving us more creative freedom,” says Moody. “We can have better events, better parties and can now partner with other places we couldn’t work with before. There’s one shop we are hoping to work with that does customized bark boxes.” Translation: Your dog’s face on a cookie. Who’s ready to let the dogs out? @hauseofdogsraleigh

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