Home for the Holidays at Guilford County Animal Shelter


GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — The Guilford County Animal Shelter has chosen 15 long-term residents to participate in a program called Home for the Holidays.

The program allows people to foster these animals at their home for two weeks during the holidays. The focus is to promote them for adoption and allow them the chance to relax a couple of weeks before the new year begins.


What You Need To Know

There are 15 long-term residents in the Home for the Holidays program

Foster parents can take home a cat or dog for two weeks during the holidays

The hope is to promote them for adoption


MayCay Beeler is part of the program. She is fostering a 13-year-old cat named Bella that was taken to the shelter after her family adopted a new kitten.

“So even though she’s 13, which is close to 80 in human years, well, the likelihood of her getting adopted at this age is not so great,” Beeler said. “I don’t want her to live out the rest of her life here, so we’re going home.”

Unfortunautely for cats like Bella, they are usually the last to be adopted.

This program is the perfect option for someone who can give an animal full attention during the holidays and possibly provide its forever home, Beeler said. 

“This works for me because typically I work for the holidays, and in years past I have, but this year I’m home,” she said. “I have an apartment — it’s a safe place. I can take care of this animal, so this is just a great opportunity for folks who can take on the responsibility.”

“It’s truly heartwarming,” Beeler said. 

To be part of the Home for Holidays program, visit the web page.

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