House of Art Puts Live Music, Art and Diversity at the Forefront

… for a “house party” at DTR’s new “interactive social museum”—aka the House of Art pop-up bar that promises to be your new fave drinks (and art + music!) destination.

There’s a new pop-up bar near Moore Square hosting an adult “house party” every weekend—and everybody’s invited. Formerly known as The Outpost, House of Art puts unity, diversity, art and music at the forefront—along with fair-priced drinks, natch, that all mix to make for a killer-good time. 

“The No. 1 thing we’re trying to do is create a space where everyone’s comfortable, whether you’re Black, white, gay, straight, old, young, male, female. … it doesn’t matter,” says owner Mikhail Wright. “We just want everyone to come in and feel comfortable, so that’s why we put so much work into the interior design.”

The “interactive social museum” features incredibly ’Grammable rooms designed by interior designer Brittany Singer—think colorful neon lights, balloons, vibrant art, walls made of cloud material and even a room designed to look like an igloo (and it’s either actually colder in there or your mind is playing tricks on you…). 

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And in an effort to help bring more culture into the city, House of Art hosts a variety of local music artists every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Additionally on Sundays, they’re teaching the “art of yes” through different experiences like BYOI (bring your own instrument), local vendors and more. “We let artists do whatever they want,” says Saul Parada, who helps book entertainment for House of Art (as well as for Watts & Ward). “There are so many young, talented artists in this town… we want them to be able to have a space and give power back to the people.”

You can expect House of Art to keep it fresh—along with rotating entertainment, the spot will change up its decor and name (you might’ve known it as St. Nick’s Christmas House during the holiday season). But the one thing that won’t change is its dedication to the community. Says Wright, “We’re just trying to figure out a way to make Raleigh the ‘City of Art.’” @housofartnc

Dante Jones Photography

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