How Can You Score on Our Canes Quiz?

Take warning—see how you score on our quiz all about the Canes (!).

In honor of the Canes’ 25th year in NC—we sleuthed up some Qs all about our fave hockey team. Ready to rock this quiz like a Hurricane?! 

1 “What’s in a name?” … And what was the Hurricanes’ initial name before blowing us away with its current moniker?

a. The Whalers

b. The Trailblazers

c. The Aviators

d. The Squirrels

2 Skating over to the rebrand—what year did the hockey team initially form before becoming the Carolina Hurricanes we know and love in ’97?

a. 1969

b. 1970

c. 1971

d. 1972

3 Believe in beginners’ luck? How about raw rookie skill? … Who was the first Canes player to earn the NHL Rookie of the Year award?

a. Alex Nedeljkovic

b. Jeff Skinner

c. Steve Yzerman

d. Andrei Svechnikov 

4 Pucker up! What team did the Canes beat to earn their first Stanley Cup in 2006?

a. Edmonton Oilers

b. Boston Bruins

c. Pittsburgh Penguins

d. New York Islanders

5 There’s a Stormy brewing (!). Contrary to what you might assume, the Canes’ anthropomorphic mascot dubbed Stormy—is NOT a hurricane. Which animal is actually the team’s mascot? 

a. Boar

b. Ice hog

c. Polar bear

d. Brown bear

6 Another mascot Q to add icing to the cake: What number does our marvelous mascot wear on his jersey?

a. 94

b. 95

c. 96

d. 97

7 Severe weather alert! What noisemaker sound does the team use to signify the puck drop each period?

a. Siren

b. Air horn

c. Cowbells

d. Fire alarm

8 “O Captain! My Captain!” Who was the first Canes team captain after the team’s rebrand? 

a. Enrico Ciccone

b. Kevin Dineen

c. Kevin Brown

d. Kirk McLean

9 Put me in, coach! What was the name of the OG Canes coach who helmed the team through its first six seasons?

a. Peter Laviolette 

b. Bill Peters 

c. Kirk Muller

d. Paul Maurice

Answers: 1. A; 2. D; 3. B; 4. A; 5. B; 6. D; 7. A; 8. B; 9. D

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