International Company ProPharma Opening New HQ in Raleigh

A global pharmaceutical consulting org doubles down on DTR—and is bringing 100+ life sciences jobs to NC.

It’s no secret that life sciences are booming in Raleigh and the surrounding area. The region boasts more than 650 life sciences companies and is ranked No. 6 in CBRE’s 2022 analysis of life science research talent clusters.

Further contributing to that growth is ProPharma Group, an international pharmaceutical consulting org setting up camp at 107 W. Hargett St. (aka the historic 1924 building that housed the iconic OG Father and Son Antiques, which moved locations in 2018), and bringing with it up to 100 (!) new life sciences jobs over the next two years—think biotech, medical device and diagnostics, and pharmaceutical organizations. After recognizing the growth Raleigh has experienced as a social and professional hub—NTM the area’s natural talent pool—ProPharma Group chose Raleigh for its global headquarters

“The growth in Downtown Raleigh over the past few years has been monumental, and we’re excited to add another dimension to the city’s expanding commerce and life sciences scene,” says ProPharma CEO Michael Stomberg. “We are also proud to be the first-ever Research Consulting Organization (RCO) to call Downtown Raleigh its home.”

Adds Downtown Raleigh Alliance President and CEO Bill King in an interview with ABC11: “Life science is an area the Triangle is really strong at. We haven’t traditionally seen as much of that in Downtown Raleigh, so we’re really excited about this announcement.”

An MO of patient health, wellness and safety as its No. 1 priority led Stomberg to create the company—previously located in Overland Park, Kansas—in 2001. Now, ProPharma provides pharmaceutical and medical advice to their clients and partners across the globe.

It’s also the world’s largest RCO—meaning they partner with international companies to work toward different goals in the science world, from helping produce a vaccine against COVID-19 to providing pharmaceutical information for medical companies. This RCO model—the first of its kind—is designed to focus more on “orphan drugs,” or drugs for people with rare diseases. 

“Working in close partnership with our clients to improve the health and safety of patients, our global teams are committed to quality and excellence in everything we do to support clients throughout the full product lifecycle,” says Stromberg. Talk about looking at the glass—er, beaker—half-full!

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