Meet Ian Murray, Our Best Bartender Nominee From Foundation!

Meet the talented ’tender shakin’ up bevs behind the Foundation bar. 

Coming to the City of Oaks from Columbus, Ohio, Ian Murray is shaking up some seriously good libations at Foundation. When he isn’t crafting cocktails and pouring drinks at his Fayetteville Street watering hole, find Murray watching sports or out and about playing disc golf. His advice to aspiring mixologists? “Hard work pays off. … Stick with it and forget about instant gratification. It’ll pay off down the road.” And that it has. 

Spot the Foundation ’tender competing at our inaugural Cocktail Classic, presented by The Exchange, on Nov. 18—and be sure to cast your ballot for the 2023 Bartender of the Year before Dec. 15. Will Murray earn this year’s Bartender of the Year acclaim and nab the trophy from Colby Kress? Your vote could be the one that sways the outcome. … Cheers! 

Fave drink to make?
Vieux Carre

Least fave to make?
Vodka soda

Your go-to drink order?
Iced coffee

Fave bar (not your own)?
Old Slims (RIP)

Fave Raleigh restaurant?

Fave podcast?
Powerful Truth Angels

Fave cocktail book?
Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ’Em

How do you blow off steam?
Disc golf

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